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About Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems

Our Mission

Creating Quality Outdoor Fitness Equipment

At Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems we make real outdoor fitness training equipment available to everyone for no membership fee or cost.

Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems was started by John Lewis with a vision of bringing the best of commercial fitness center exercise equipment to the outdoor world. At the time, none of the major playground equipment manufacturers made any outdoor fitness equipment that incorporated the proper biomechanics found in top quality indoor fitness equipment, and none of the indoor fitness equipment manufacturers made anything for outdoor use.

Opportunity for Change

With a strong background in the health and fitness industry, John saw a huge opportunity to bring the best of indoor fitness equipment to the outdoor world. However, John recognized that a number of significant issues had to be addressed first in order to bring this about.

Indoor equipment is typically used in supervised environments by people 16 years of age or older whereas outdoor equipment is mostly placed in unsupervised environments where user safety and potential vandalism are serious concerns. Indoor equipment also doesn’t need the durability to stand up to the harsh elements of snow, rain, wind and sun.

The First Prototype

In the unique 7 station outdoor multigym manufactured by Outdoor-Fit - called the HELIOS - user safety concerns are addressed by eliminating pinch points, and durability issues are overcome with an extra strong steel construction, properly treated for outdoor use.

The HELIOS is powder-coated with super durable zinc primed polyester paint that is UV stabilized. Tamperproof stainless steel fasteners are used at all attachment points, and even our instructional placards use special inks to ensure outdoor durability.