Vertical Knee Raise

TARGETS: Abdomen & Core

vertical knee raise illustration
  • Place forearms on the rubber pads and your back against the back plate with feet hanging down.
  • Lift your knees up to 90˚.
  • Return to start position.
  • Repeat until tired.

Place forearms on the cushioned arm pads with your back against the back plate and feet hanging down.  

Slowly bend your knees and lift them towards your chest by contracting your abdominal muscles fully. Pause for three seconds.

Return your legs slowly to the starting position. 

Repeat exercise movement for as many reps as possible. 

The vertical knee raise is a great exercise for isolating the abdominal muscles, building strength in the hip flexors and developing your core. While your rectus abdominus is stabilizing your core during the exercise, your hip flexors are doing the work of bringing up your knees.


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