Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems

Outdoor-Fit was started in 2003 by John Lewis. After taking his kids to the local playground and realizing that just sitting on the park bench was a waste of time, John thought that an outdoor fitness multigym located within view of the playground structure would allow adults to exercise while still watching over the kids.

The First Prototype

After numerous prototypes, the first HELIOS multigym was developed for market and launched in the United States. This path to market was not easy because designing outdoor fitness equipment presents unique design challenges not found when creating indoor fitness equipment. Not only does outdoor fitness equipment need to deliver biomechanically correct exercise with durable construction like indoor fitness equipment, it also must be tamperproof, weatherproof and safe to use in unsupervised environments. 

By incorporating this design criteria, the HELIOS multigym became a hit across a wide range of outdoor markets. HELIOS units have been installed by parks & rec departments, correctional facilities, military bases, pocket parks, corporate campuses, campgrounds, and Home Owners Associations around the world. 

initial prototype of outdoor fitness multigym
The first prototype
John with first outdoor fitness multigym production model
The first production model

The Product Family

Since the initial prototype, the HELIOS has stayed in the Outdoor-Fit product line, with numerous changes and design improvements along the way. Outdoor-Fit now manufactures four different multigym models; the APOLLO, HELIOS, TITAN and VERSA. Outdoor-Fit introduced its first cardio unit in 2018 with the revolutionary EVEREST Cardio Climber. 

With fitness equipment experience dating back to the mid 1970’s, John and his team have developed a range of outdoor fitness equipment products that brings the best of indoor commercial fitness equipment to the outdoor world.