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12 Exercise Stations, 5 Simultaneous Users

100% Tamperproof.

With a proven history of durability and performance the APOLLO is becoming a favorite of correctional facilities as well as busy outdoor fitness park installations.

The APOLLO 12 station outdoor fitness multigym takes the basics of indoor commercial fitness center strength equipment and delivers it to the outside world in a tamperproof, durable, and weather resistant package. Compact, cost effective, and completely safe, the APOLLO is designed for any fitness level or ability.

Popular Pulley Station

High-Low Pulley Weight Stack

The APOLLO features the popular high-low pulley station for a variety of standing or seated bodyweight exercises.

The selectorized weight stack has a clear lexan gate that automatically locks the cable handles in place while the lexan gate is open and a weight amount is being selected, eliminating any chance of fingers being entrapped. The weight stack selector pin cannot be removed from the weight stack selector track, and the high and low pulleys each have integrated UHMW pinch point protection slots for the pulley and cable.

12 Exercise Stations

A Full Body Workout

The APOLLO is designed with twelve unique exercise stations, offering a full body workout in a circuit training format. Suitable for users of all fitness levels, with assist mechanisms to adjust the difficulty of exercises such as chin ups and dips. The APOLLO's small footprint requires only a 14 x 14' surface.

5 Simultaneous Users

Space Efficient and Safe

The APOLLO helps you make the most of your space, with up to five people using the equipment at once. Make a workout a social experience, and pack a lot of options into a small footprint.

12 Exercise Stations

Up to 5 simultaneous users

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