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Are Commercial Treadmills Safe for Corrections?

Almost all correctional facilities in North America offer some fitness equipment to inmates. What is available/allowed in facilities varies drastically from state to state, county to county and even differs at the Federal level. One thing that is relatively consistent across the board is facilities offering cardio fitness equipment to inmates.

The reason for this is simple; cardio exercise is a great way to alleviate stress. Another benefit of exercise, in general, is providing exercise to inmates makes inmates healthier. A less stressed inmate is an easier inmate to manage, and a healthier inmate saves facility money on their healthcare budget. (click here to view article on benefits of providing inmates with access to fitness equipment)

When it comes to providing cardio fitness equipment to corrections, a facility has a wide range of choices. The easiest option would be to go to commercial grade cardio equipment as there are many brands, with an extensive distribution network.

While traditional commercial fitness equipment is proven to offer excellent exercise value, these units are not built for the harsh and unique environments of correctional facilities. The biggest problem with commercial fitness equipment is how it’s made. These units are not designed for the abuse seen in a correctional gym. Units will be punched, kicked, pried on, and more to damage the equipment intentionally. Commercial Fitness Equipment often has components and cowlings made from plastic which can be easily damaged and the electronic components and display consoles are costly to replace. Commercial grade cardio fitness equipment typically requires a power supply as well.

Correctional facilities also like to utilize outdoor space for recreation and fitness activities. Almost all commercial fitness equipment is designed to be placed indoors. Here are some pros and cons of commercial grade cardio equipment for corrections:


  • Legitimate exercise
  • Biomechanically Correct
  • Seemingly endless product options/brands
  • A wide range of price points


  • NOT tamperproof, loose items or plastic components can be quickly turned into weapons
  • Easily damaged
  • Not weatherproof, for indoors only
  • Expensive to repair
  • Some units require power

Truly tamperproof fitness equipment should be the only equipment a correctional facility looks at when replacing or adding to inmate recreation areas. A tamperproof system ensures safety for inmates as well as front line staff. Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems is the ONLY manufacturer that builds truly tamperproof fitness equipment that at the same time offers the same biomechanically correct exercise value seen in commercial grade fitness equipment.

Our Everest Cardio Climber is a revolutionary cardio product when it comes to correctional cardio equipment. The Everest is completely tamper-proof and built tough for the harsh conditions seen in a correctional gym. You can also place the Everest outdoors in rec yards or in airing courts as every component is fully weatherproof.

While being tough and tamperproof is great, we wanted to make sure the Everest also delivered real exercise value in a safe, biomechanically correct motion. We had Dalhousie University Human Kinesiology Lab thoroughly test the Everest to make sure the movement was safe to use and delivered legitimate exercise. Dalhousie’s report came back showing the Everest is no different to commercial grade equipment offering the same level of exercise value and biomechanics.

With smart design and build techniques, Outdoor-Fit has been able to build products that correctional facilities can trust. The products offer all the benefits of commercial gym equipment while addressing the negatives typically associated with tamper-proof and weatherproof fitness equipment.

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