BNSF Railway Foundation

The BNSF Railway Foundation (the “Foundation”) supports organizations and programs that support and improve the general welfare and quality of life in the communities in which BNSF Railway Company operates.


The Foundation makes grants to charitable organizations in support of general operating expenses, as well as specific programs, services, and projects. Strong preference is given to requests associated with education, youth, and civic services.

Contributions are limited to non-profit, tax-exempt organizations that have obtained IRS status under Section 501(c)(3), Section 170(b), or Section 511(a), as applicable. Proof of an organization’s status must be received before a contribution to the organization can be considered.


Potential grantees must have a broad purpose and impact; demonstrate program effectiveness and credibility; be sustainable; and serve or impact the communities in which BNSF operates. For example:

  • Have significant BNSF employee participation in the organization or its programs
  • Be in close proximity to BNSF operations or in an area of a state where BNSF is the only railroad or major company
  • Engage in programs that are related to the railroad industry
  • Be engaged in programs that are for a charitable purpose and clearly align with the BNSF Railway Foundation mission’s statement