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100% tamperproof. Built for safety.

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Preferred Tamperproof Fitness Equipment for Correctional Facilities

Our fitness equipment has been designed to solve the challenges Jail Administrators face in delivering fitness options to the inmate population and frontline correctional staff. Outdoor-Fit's products are designed and manufactured to be completely tamperproof, with no removable parts or potential weapons.

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tamperproof fitness equipment

Protect frontline staff and inmates

Proven tamperproof equipment

Outdoor-Fit's products are designed and manufactured to be completely tamperproof, with no removable parts or potential weapons. Rounded head stainless steel carriage bolts attach all of the exercise stations to the main center column, and all washers and nuts are secure within a padlocked center column shielded by a locked access hatch.

tamperproof fitness equipment correctional facilities

Maximize your space

Indoor or Outdoor Facilities

Provide multiple exercise stations multiple simultaneous users with one piece of equipment. The HELIOS with seven exercise stations, and the APOLLO with twelve stations, both pack an amazing amount of exercise opportunities into less than 120 square feet of space! Individual exercise stations are clustered around a central column that is internally anchored.

outdoor fitness equipment correctional facilities

Relieve inmate stress

Full body workouts

Research proves that weight training exercise helps to provide a focus for inmates, improves overall mood, and decreases aggression. Outdoor-Fit's exercise stations provide a bio-mechanically correct workout using a person's bodyweight. This reduces the risk of exercise-related injury, and also allows inmates to improve their fitness without becoming overly strong, as they would with heavy machine or free weights.

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