Everest Cardio Climber

HIIT Workout
Steady State Cardio

Introducing the EVEREST Cardio Climber, a revolutionary piece of outdoor exercise equipment that mimics the continuous motion of climbing stairs. The Everest Cardio Climber offers real exercise value, simulating one of the most intense cardiovascular workouts – climbing stairs – which this piece of outdoor exercise equipment makes available in your parks and installations.

The EVEREST Cardio Climber allows users to adjust their step height and workout intensity according to their fitness level, offering both strength and cardio modes. Without added resistance, it is the pace and stroke range that dictate the workout's intensity. Canadian University's Kinesiology Department evaluated the EVEREST Cardio Climber for exercise effectiveness and safety, confirming its biomechanical correctness. Suitable for users aged 13 and up, this equipment requires no adjustments. For better results, choose between two exercise modes EVEREST HIIT or EVEREST Steady State Cardio, focusing on strength or cardio, based on your foot positioning and stroke range.

EVEREST HIIT is a method of cardio training that mixes high intensity intervals with slower intensity intervals. The aim is to elevate your heart rate and bring it back down again in a series of timed intervals. The goal of EVEREST Steady State Cardio workout is to work at a consistent, moderate level of intensity for the entire session.

EVEREST Cardio Climber is compact, cost-effective, and entirely safe. Users of all fitness levels can benefit from an intense cardio workout using the EVEREST Cardio Climber. At Outdoor-Fit, we're proud to offer top-quality outdoor exercise equipment, like the EVEREST Cardio Climber. Our equipment is built to last outside in parks and open spaces. With our outdoor exercise equipment, you can make a whole exercise park for everyone. We have lots of different gear to choose from, so you can set up your park, small pocket parks, or trails with what works best. Make your park a fun place to exercise and hang out! The EVEREST Cardio Climber is awesome on its own, but it's even better when paired with other outdoor exercise equipment like APOLLO, HELIOS, or FLEX stations. Get outside and enjoy staying active outdoors. There are so many ways to get fit outside!