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100% Tamperproof & weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use.

Bio-mechanically Correct Cardio Workout.

The Everest Cardio Climber is validated by the Dalhousie University School of Health & Human Performance. The machine's safety and tamperproof design make it a perfect choice for correctional facilities, and its weatherproof construction and exercise performance fit well in outdoor fitness park installations.

The Everest Cardio Climber mimics climbing a set of stairs in a continuous motion for a bio-mechanically correct cardio fitness workout.

solar powered screen

Electronic Display

Track your workout

The Everest Cardio Climber includes a tamperproof electronic console that displays elapsed time, vertical feet climbed, and calories burned.

The electronics also logs all workout activity on the machine, and this information can be accessed by the equipment's owner.

Everest Cardio Climber Exercise Equipment

Choose your own pace

Bio-mechanically correct exercise

The Everest Cardio Climber mimics climbing a set of stairs in a continuous motion and allows the user to choose their own step height based on their individual fitness level.

The resistance and workout intensity is determined by the user's cadence and stroke range. 

Everest Cardio Climber Exercise Equipment for parks

Shipped fully assembled

Quick and easy setup

Since the Everest Cardio Climber is shipped fully assembled, set up and installation is easy!

Built for use in either indoor or outdoor exercise environments, the Everest is simply anchored to a 4' x 5' concrete surface, with 4 anchor points.

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