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GSA Advantage

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GSA programs connect private sector and federal agencies to fulfill business needs.

We are working with our partner McFall Consulting Inc., a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business who has all our products on GS-03F-134DA.

Who can buy from Schedules?

Schedule are open to:

  • Federal agencies (military and civilian),
  • Mixed ownership government corporations as identified in 31 U.S.C. ยง 9101,
  • District of Columbia,
  • Qualified nonprofit agencies for the blind or other severely handicapped individuals for use in making or providing an approved commodity or service to the government,
  • State and local governments for certain Schedule purchases,
  • Contractors authorized under FAR 51 and many more.

Why buy from Schedules?

  • Streamlined procedures to increase acquisition speed
  • Access to small businesses to support socioeconomic goals
  • FAR compliance
  • Pre-qualified contractors
  • Pre-negotiated ceiling prices to achieve best value
  • Access to emerging technologies and innovative solutions

Schedules also offers some Best in Class solutions as well as Blanket Purchase Agreements.

Visit the GSA website for more information.

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