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The Original Tamperproof MultiGym

The science of bio-mechanics and solid design and construction combine to bring you the HELIOS seven station outdoor fitness multigym.

Tamperproof for correctional facilities, weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use in parks & recreation centers, and effective for users of all fitness levels, the HELIOS features seven different exercise stations for up to four simultaneous users in an amazingly small footprint.

Proven tough.

Installed across North America

The HELIOS has been proven tough in locations across North America and around the world. Installed in parks & playgrounds, correctional facilities, military bases, corporate campuses, and even on board military ships, the HELIOS has earned its reputation for strength, durability, and real exercise.

7 Unique Exercise Stations

Space Efficient & Easy to Install

The HELIOS has seven unique exercise stations providing a full body workout in a circuit training format. Get the same high quality equipment as commercial gyms installed indoors or outdoors.

4 Simultaneous Users

A Full body workout

The HELIOS can be used by four people at the same time. Maximize your indoor or outdoor spaces with exercise equipment that is safe for users of all fitness levels and provides fitness options for more than one user at a time in only a 12 x 12' space.

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