HELIOS Correctional Multigym

The HELIOS Multigym is designed for tough environments, such as correctional facilities. Built using heavy-duty materials and tamper-proof hardware, the durability of the HELIOS Multigym has been proven in hundreds of correctional facility gyms and outdoor recreation yards

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Exercise Equipment for Correctional Facilities

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Proven Tough: Installed across North America 

The HELIOS Multigym has been tested and proven in hundreds of correctional facilities across North America since 2008. Installed in some of the toughest environments, the HELIOS Multigym has earned its reputation for durability and proper exercise biomechanics. It is one of the most low-maintenance correctional-grade multigyms built for both the outdoors and indoors.   

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Correctional Fitness Equipment is an Excellent Incentivization Tool 

During our 15+ years specializing in correctional fitness equipment, jail professionals have said that equipment that is safe and that inmates look forward to using incentivizes good behavior, so equipment privileges do not get revoked. 

Designed for Small Spaces 

The HELIOS Multigym is 100% weatherproof, making it ideal for outdoor rec yards. However, its compact, multi-user design is why 50% of our correctional customers install it indoors. The HELIOS Multigym requires only 144 square feet (12’ x 12’ square foot pad) to be fully operational.  

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Exercise Benefits Inmates' Mental Health 

There are many rehabilitative benefits associated with physically active inmates, such as lower stress levels, anxiety, and more self-confidence. Improving inmate mental health also plays an essential role in lowering their rate of recidivism.  

Correctional Fitness Equipment
Correctional Fitness Equipment
Correctional Fitness Equipment