Helios NA Multigym

Functional Workout
HIIT Workout
Tabata Workout
Upper Body Workout
Lower Body Workout
Core Workout

The HELIOS-NA multigym provides great opportunities for healthy and active community lives. At Outdoor-Fit, we're proud to offer this skillfully designed outdoor fitness equipment that has got recognition and praise. 

Designed for diverse fitness levels and age groups, the HELIOS-NA offers a wide choice of workout options to suit individual preferences and fitness goals. Whether sports enthusiasts are looking for a workout to strengthen their core, functional exercises to imitate real-life activities, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for a heart-pounding challenge, Tabata workouts for a burst of intensity, or targeted upper and lower body exercises, the HELIOS-NA has everything. For those who thrive on challenges, the HELIOS-NA HIIT Workout is the ideal choice. 

With the HELIOS-NA multigym, communities can create vibrant fitness spaces in parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas. This versatile and durable exercise equipment encourages people of all ages and fitness levels to embrace healthy living and engage with their communities.

If you are joining the movement of communities prioritizing fitness and well-being, consider the HELIOS-NA outdoor multi-gym from Outdoor-Fit as an open and promising opportunity. Elevate your outdoor spaces, foster a culture of active living, and create a healthier and more connected community.