Upper Back Pull Down

TARGETS: Upper Back

upper back pull down exercise illustration
  • Select desired weight.
  • Grip high pulley handles with palms   facing each other.
  • Keep elbows tucked close to body.
  • Pull handles down to chin level.
  • Return to start position.
  • Repeat until tired.

Select desired weight. Grip the high pulley handles with palms facing each other and go to your knees while holding the handles.  

From this start position, contract your upper back muscles and pull the handles down in front of you while keeping elbows tucked to the side of your body. 

Pause for a moment, then slowly return to start position. 

Repeat exercise movement for as many reps as possible.

The upper back pull down, performed on our high pulley station, is a fantastic exercise to strengthen the latissimus dorsi muscle, the broadest muscle in your back, which promotes good postures and spinal stability. Form is crucial when performing a lat pulldown to prevent injury and reap the best results. The upper back pull down can be performed with your own body weight against the cables, or with weight.