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How to Use the APOLLO Chin Up Assist Station

The APOLLO outdoor fitness chin up station strengthens the upper back, shoulders, and biceps.

For best results: 3 sets, 10 reps

The hydraulic foot lever has 5 notched settings to provide assistance while doing the exercise. By lifting up on the foot lever and pushing it in as far as it will go into the center column slot you’re removing 75% of your bodyweight when using the foot lever while doing chin ups. Each notch that you pull the foot lever out from this position will reduce the assistance to 65%,  then 55% , then 45%,  and finally to 35% when the foot lever is all the way out.

Adjust the hydraulic foot lever to an assist setting that allows you to do a few repetitions using good exercise form.

Once the lever is adjusted, step on the foot lever while at the same time grabbing the overhanging bar.

You can position your hands close together with your palms facing you or you can go with a wide grip with your palms facing away from you or you can grip the chin up bar with your palms facing each other in a hammer grip formation.

From this start position contract the muscles of your upper back, arms and shoulders and pull yourself up until your chin is level to the bar. By placing your feet on the foot lever while pulling yourself up you will get assistance in doing the exercise because the foot lever will push you back up.

Once you reach chin level, pause for a second and then slowly lower yourself back down to the start position and then repeat the exercise movement.

For best results, complete as many repetitions as you can while maintaining proper exercise form.