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How to Use the APOLLO Lower Back Extension Station

The APOLLO outdoor fitness lower back extension station exercises the lower back, buttocks, and hamstrings.

For best results: 3 sets, 10 reps

Adjust the waist positioning thigh plate to the length that allows you to lean over the thigh plate and bend forward comfortably to a 90 degree angle. This adjustment can be done by standing in front of the thigh plate and lifting up on both handles of the thigh plate and pushing the thigh plate in or out until the desired length is achieved.

Once the thigh plate is locked into the desired notch, place your feet on the foot plate with your toes pointed down and slightly outward with the back of your calves anchored underneath the calf support plate.

You should now be able to lean forward and down with your arms crossed in front of you.

Slowly bend at the hips and lower your upper body towards the ground until you reach a 90 degree angle between your upper body and your lower body.

From this start position contract the muscles in your lower back, buttocks and hamstrings and lift your upper body up until your upper body is in line with your lower body.

Pause for a second and then lower your upper body back down to the start position and then repeat the exercise movement.

For best results, complete as many repetitions as you can while maintaining proper exercise form.