Everest Cardio Climber


Cardio exercise is a rhythmic activity that raises your heart rate to your target heart rate zone in which you will burn the most fat and calories. Cardio exercise is an essential component of any workout when looking to lose weight, get fit or simply to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended that you get around 150 minutes of cardio exercise a week to reduce health risks. 

The benefits of cardio exercise can drastically improve the quality of life for inmates while incarcerated. Along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, daily cardio exercise can reduce the risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure & diabetes, increase lung capacity, improve overall wellbeing while providing temporary relief from depression & anxiety, reduce stress and aid in better night sleeps. Correctional facilities that offer cardio exercise aide both front line staff and inmates as it is known to lower inmate’s anger and aggression making it easier for staff to manage. Limiting access to daily cardio exercise will not only affect the physical health of inmates but also their mental health. 

When it comes to correctional grade cardio equipment there’s not a lot of options on the market that can withstand the tough wear and tear of inmate use while providing real exercise value. For the most part, prisons that do provide cardio equipment often consist of stationary bikes, treadmills and rec yards for inmates to perform their cardio exercise. The problem with these options is they are not designed with corrections in mind, meaning they are not TAMPERPROOF, biomechanically correct or safe for all users. Most stationary bikes found in correctional facilities have little to no adjustability making it difficult for different size users to get an effective workout. Treadmills are typically designed for indoor commercial gyms making them easy to tamper with or break and are costly to repair. While some correctional facilities offer large rec yards for cardio activity, this is not the case for most. Many prisons have small outdoor yards making it tough to run, jog, and get heart rate up. 

The tamperproof & weatherproof Everest Cardio Climber was designed specifically for corrections. This unique correctional grade cardio piece mimics climbing a set of stairs in a continuous motion and allows the user to choose their step height based on their individual fitness level. The resistance/workout intensity is determined by the user’s cadence and stroke range. Unlike many correctional cardio fitness machines, the EVEREST was designed with proper exercise biomechanics to ensure user safety and reduce the risk of injury. The EVEREST fits almost any user with no adjustment needed. The EVEREST offers a small footprint making it an easy and cost-effective installation in a small outdoor recreation yard or in cell block common areas. 

Looking for new or updated cardio equipment for your correctional facility? Check out the Everest Cardio Climber or give us a call to see why our equipment is the best choice!