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Inmates Exercising Helps Jail Administrators

The International Journal of Criminology and Sociology has examined the research literature on the pros and cons of providing inmates with access to exercise equipment and concluded that when jail administrators provide this equipment for inmates; correctional officers are safer and less stressed out, inmates are safer, less stressed out and easier to manage and inmate health care costs and facility costs go down. “International Journal of Criminology and Sociology, 2013, 2, 362-370”.

Here are the key conclusions from the research study:

  • “Research has shown that regular exercise greatly improves the mentality of inmates, keeps them actively involved in a productive manner, and reduces the time available for inmates to break the rules.”
  • “Inmates are also less likely to engage in negative or risky behaviors if access to exercise equipment is used as part of a reward system. Inmates value access to such amenities and are thus more likely to abide by the rules in order that they may keep such privileges. These effects on inmate mentality and behavior create a more pleasant and safer working environment for correctional officers, as they will encounter violence and aggression from inmates on a more infrequent basis. Exercise equipment will be most useful in a correctional facility when it is used as part of a reward system. Doing so will produce the desired behaviors in inmates and allow the staff to enforce punishment, when necessary, that actually has an effect on the inmates. The evidence shows that inmates highly value access to exercise equipment and are careful not to act out so that they will not lose their privileges.”
  • “As a result of the prominence of psychological disorders in the inmate population, much of the existing research on the issue of exercise in prisons addresses the psychological benefits of exercise and recreation and the positive outcomes of such benefits on the prison environment. One such study, investigating the effects of weight lifting on the psychological health of those who practice it, found substantial measured reductions in the frequency and severity of verbal aggression, hostility and anger.”
  • “Regular weight lifting increases inmate self-confidence and social skills by reducing tension levels. These studies indicate that a major role of exercise in correctional facilities is as an outlet or coping mechanism to deal with the stresses of prison or jail life. Exercise has been shown to induce a sense of calmness for the individuals who regularly partake in exercise regimes. This improves the prison setting not only for inmates but for the staff as well.”
  • “Regular access to exercise benefits not only the inmates but the society as a whole by reducing the likelihood of future criminal behavior.”
  • “It has been found that implementing exercise programs is cheaper than a facility having to pay for items broken or damaged as a result of prison misconduct, which is reduced when inmates partake in regular exercise. Money may also be saved in terms of manpower: one study has shown that less supervision of inmates is required when they are engaged in exercise activities.”

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