The leader in correctional exercise equipment

Outdoor-Fit is the leader in correctional exercise equipment. We have explicitly built equipment for corrections to solve the challenges Jail Administrators face in delivering fitness options to the inmate population. 

Outdoor-Fit has been a trusted name with correctional facilities across North America, supplying over 600 correctional facilities with our fitness equipment for indoor and outdoor recreation areas. Our correctional fitness equipment is designed and manufactured to be tamper-proof and weatherproof, with no removable parts or potential weapons, making them a safe and secure option for facilities of all levels.

We offer specialized indoor and outdoor exercise equipment for correctional facilities, providing safe and secure facilities of all levels, promoting physical activity and contributing to the overall well-being of inmates.

Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems provides top-tier outdoor exercise equipment that stands the test of time and provides real exercise experience in any setting. Join the movement of communities, campuses, and facilities choosing Outdoor-Fit's exceptional outdoor exercise equipment for a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Protect Front Line Staff & Inmates

Our products are completely tamper-proof, with no removable parts. Rounded-head stainless steel carriage bolts are used, with all nuts and other hardware inaccessible inside the padlocked center column.

Improve Inmate Mental & Physical Health

Exercise helps provide a focus for inmates and improves their overall mood while decreasing aggression, anxiety, and depression. Calmer and better-behaved inmates are easier to manage and create a safer working environment for front-line staff.

Built Tough for Tough Environments

We use only super durable materials, from steel to paint, to build our equipment. This commitment to durability means it lasts longer and requires less maintenance than other equipment on the market.