Outdoor exercise equipment to get your community moving towards a healthy tomorrow. 

Adding outdoor exercise equipment creates a social hub for your HOA, helping build stronger relationships and a healthy community. Outdoor exercise equipment can be a better use of your budget than adding an indoor gym, as less infrastructure, maintenance, and overhead costs are required.

Outdoor-Fit's exercise equipment is a perfect addition to homeowner associations, providing residents with convenient and enjoyable ways to stay fit and active within their community.

Compact footprint keeps costs low 

The compact footprint of our outdoor exercise equipment helps you keep your overall costs as low as possible. Our multigym design requires less concrete, site prep, and landscaping compared to single-station equipment.

Low maintenance & super durable

We use the highest quality and most durable materials to build our equipment. This commitment to a robust build quality ensures equipment longevity and less time and fees spent on maintaining the equipment. 

Designed to replicate indoor commercial fitness equipment

We bring indoor quality fitness equipment to the great outdoors in a completely weatherproof and super durable package to help you get the most value from your outdoor gym.