Easily deployable, super rugged, and weatherproof outdoor exercise equipment allows the military to exercise and train anywhere in the world. Ensuring that all military personnel has adequate access to outdoor exercise equipment can aid in producing well-conditioned and prepared troops.

We are proud to support military personnel by providing outdoor fitness equipment that aids in their training and overall well-being.

Built for tough climates 

Outdoor-Fit’s equipment has been installed by the United States Military in various climates, including on the deck of a US Navy Minesweeper in the Pacific Ocean and on a military base in Afghanistan. Our super durable exercise equipment can withstand diverse and demanding climates.

Outdoor exercise equipment for real results

Provide your troops with exercise equipment that will make them stronger and better prepared to handle the demands of their job. Our equipment is biomechanically correct, which ensures it is safe for the body and is effective exercise. 

Chosen by the military for 15 years

Since 2008, we have supplied the United States Military with outdoor exercise equipment for bases worldwide, including an Afghanistan base, MWR Okinawa, MWR Naval Base Ventura County, USS Chancellorsville, Fort Huachuca, Naval Base Kitsap, Dover Air Force Base, and more.  


Ready for any exercise

In the realm of military training, adaptability and readiness are paramount. Our rugged, and weatherproof outdoor exercise equipment is designed for military personal and to be easily installed, in a small footprint wherever their missions take them, empowering them to train and exercise effectively in any corner of the world. 

Our military training equipment is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring that no matter the environment, military personnel have access to the exercise tools they need to maintain peak physical condition. These outdoor exercise & fitness equipment solutions go beyond standard military gym equipment; they offer a comprehensive range of exercises that enhance strength, endurance, and overall fitness. 

Whether stationed at home or deployed abroad, our military exercise equipment supports the health and fitness goals of military personnel, fostering a culture of resilience and strength. With Outdoor-Fit, military facilities can invest in a comprehensive suite of outdoor exercise equipment designed to enhance the overall effectiveness of military training.