Unique outdoor exercise equipment for parks of all sizes

This isn’t playground equipment for adults. This is commercial-grade indoor exercise equipment built for the great outdoors.

Outdoor-Fit takes a unique approach to outdoor exercise equipment. Outdoor equipment should provide users the same benefits and results as indoor commercial fitness equipment. Our equipment offers real exercise and not just activity to users.

Outdoor-Fit exercise equipment is specifically designed for parks and recreational areas, creating vibrant fitness spaces that encourage people of all ages to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Suitable for All Ages & Fitness Levels

Adjustability and resistance are key features of indoor fitness equipment that make it usable to people of all ages and fitness levels. Our outdoor exercise equipment also includes these features, which ensure people receive an effective and safe workout.


Completely Safe: ASTM Compliant 

Feel confident choosing our outdoor exercise equipment for your park, knowing that all entrapment areas, crush zones, and pinch points are eliminated.

Perfect for Pocket Parks & Parklets 

With limited space available in pocket parks, maximizing open space is critical. With exercise stations clustered around the center column, we can pack a lot of exercise value into a small footprint while leaving room for other park amenities.


Redefining Outdoor Exercise 

Outdoor-Fit takes a unique approach in redefining outdoor exercise equipment. We believe that the benefits and results of exercising outdoors should be equal to those of indoor commercial fitness centers. That core belief has driven our product development process to ensure our equipment provides the same biometric design elements as commercial fitness products. Our outdoor exercise equipment allows all users, regardless of fitness level, to have effective workouts that leave them feeling invigorated and accomplished. 

Enriching parks and shared spaces with outdoor exercise stations and equipment brings a lot of advantages to communities. It transforms these areas into popular centers of well-being, where people can come together to work towards healthier lifestyles. 

Selecting the right equipment for your space requires careful planning. Our commitment to your success extends beyond our products. Space planning is a vital component of maximizing your outdoor fitness facility or development. Consider the available area, traffic flow, and the types of exercises you wish to offer. To help you make the best decision, we've created the Planning Playbook at the bottom of this page. This carefully created planner provides insights and guidance for creating thriving outdoor exercise centers.

Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems isn’t like any other outdoor exercise manufacturer; we’re not just providing ineffective playground style exercise equipment for adults. We really are focused on helping our clients transform their park and recreation landscapes and enhance their communities. Explore our range of products, keep scrolling to check out the Planning Playbook, and contact our experts to get a quote.

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