Give your guests outdoor exercise equipment with the same exercise benefits they would receive in an indoor gym, but with more fresh air and less overcrowding. 

When on vacation, many guests want to keep up with their exercise routines, and outdoor exercise equipment allows them to enjoy the benefits of the fresh air and sun while switching their traditional indoor workout for an outdoor workout.

We help our clients enhance their guests’ experience at resorts and campgrounds by offering them the opportunity to engage in real workouts for real results amidst the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Designed for all weather conditions 

No matter where your resort is located, Outdoor-Fit's equipment has been designed to handle anything mother nature throws at it. The paint we use on our equipment is resistant to salt spray, heat and humidity, and is the same paint treatment that the navigational buoys deployed in the Atlantic Ocean receive.

Safe for users of all ages & fitness levels

Like an indoor gym, an outdoor gym should be inclusive for young adults and seniors and all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. Our equipment is designed with proper exercise biomechanics, meaning it's safe on the user's body.

Customized equipment

We understand that resort branding and messaging are very important aspects of your brand. We can paint our equipment in any color and include: logos to match the aesthetic of your resort, special messaging, and unique QR codes to promote resort offers.