Get more students moving on campus by activating different areas of your campus with recreation, social, and exercise areas that encourage students to pause their academic, and personal responsibilities to enjoy fresh air and movement. 

Before Outdoor-Fit, our founder had extensive experience in the commercial fitness industry. This experience inspired us to design outdoor exercise equipment with the same exercise biomechanics as the equipment found in campus fitness centers. With adjustability and resistance, we believe outdoor exercise equipment that delivers real benefits will encourage a broader demographic of students to participate in campus recreation.

We recognize the importance of exercise in educational institutions. Our outdoor exercise equipment empowers students and staff to prioritize their health and engage in physical activity.


Knowing how to activate the outdoor exercise equipment on your campus will allow you to get the most out of the equipment. Our equipment has QR codes for programming guides and instructional videos and even allows you to track equipment usage.


To target the student population segment who do not utilize campus rec already, choose other areas of your campus that are visible, easily accessible, and close to amenities like housing, classroom buildings, and student centers.


With an extensive background in the fitness industry, our products are designed to offer the same exercise value, adjustability, and resistance, as commercial-grade indoor fitness equipment. Our equipment provides real exercise and not just activity to users.


How to Choose the Best Equipment for Your Campus 

We believe that providing effective outdoor exercise equipment will encourage a wider spectrum of students to actively participate in campus recreation. Outdoor fitness equipment for schools and universities provides an exceptional opportunity for students to temporarily set aside their academic and personal commitments and engage in physical activities that invigorate their bodies and minds. 

Universities, high schools, and junior high schools each have distinct needs when it comes to outdoor exercise equipment. For junior high schools, equipment should be user-friendly, safe, and engaging to foster healthy habits as a young teenager. High schools require equipment that caters to older teenage students' growing physical abilities and diverse fitness goals. In universities, the emphasis shifts towards comprehensive workout options for students of all fitness levels, supporting their overall well-being. 

Selecting the ideal equipment is crucial to success. Our commitment extends beyond our products; we offer guidance on choosing the best equipment for your campus. Consider factors such as available space, student demographics, and fitness preferences. Visit our Planning Playbook for practical tips tailored to your specific facility type. 

With Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems, you're not just installing equipment; you're cultivating a culture of health, well-being, and active learning. By fostering outdoor recreation, we inspire students to embrace fitness as an integral part of their educational journey.