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Mental health benefits of exercise in prison

Overall Health Benefits of Physical Activity

Physical activity offers both mental and physical benefits and should be incorporated into individuals’ daily activities within correctional facilities. At Outdoor-Fit we believe our correctional grade fitness equipment gives inmates the opportunity to set fitness goals and have a pro-active outlook. A healthy lifestyle will help inmates not only improve their physical, but also mental health. 
Physical activity gives inmates who struggle with mental health issues the chance to release necessary tension as exercise can be used as a deescalating method to relieve stress, episodes related to PTSD or anxiety, and aid in better night sleeps. Daily physical activity will aid in the development of fitness goals, giving inmates something to look forward to. These individual goals will hopefully decrease rates of depression and aggression and improve overall self-confidence and mood.

Mental Health Benefits of Physical Activity

Mental well-being will be improved with the incorporation of daily physical activity. “Generally, studies have shown that those engaged in regular physical activity exhibit decreased rates of depression, anxiety, anger and stress when compared to those who are physically inactive” (Cashin, A., Potter, E., & Butler, T. (2008).” These improvements can not only be seen at a physical level but also at a chemical level. When you exercise you release endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine.

Prisoners are not the only ones benefitting through physical activity in the correctional setting. Allowing inmates to receive daily time for physical activity will allow them to release unwanted stress, anger and aggression that could otherwise be used in a negative way towards other inmates or correctional staff. As mental health remains to be a topic of importance, especially in the growing incarcerated population, physical activity is just one of the many supports that can be offered to keep the functionality of the prison system running smoothly.

Daily Activity for Inmates

As previously mentioned, granting inmates daily physical activity will allow for smoother operations within the prison. In a recent post on Outdoor-Fit’s News page, the article demonstrates that inmate exercise not only brings positivity to the inmates but also makes a substantial difference for jail administrators. Allowing inmates to exercise creates less stress and safer environments for both prisoners and employees. Providing proper fitness outlets to inmates allows for safe and productive exercise which in turn leads to less stressed and easier to manage inmates.

To read more about why inmate exercise benefits jail administrators, check out our news page at Outdoor-fit.com.

In today's world, mental health continues to prove important to live a happy and healthy life. For prisoners, time for physical activity gives them something to look forward to, while also exerting their energy and emotions in a positive way. For the rest of the population, with rates of depression and anxiety at their highest recorded levels in large counties such as India, China, USA and the UK, exercise can prove to aide these mental health issues that are becoming more relevant in todays society. Looking to learn more about the benefits that exercise plays on your mental health? Take a look at this short article on just some of the benefits exercise can provide! New research shows that physical activity is ESSENTIAL to mental health!


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