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Learn about the benefits of outdoor exercise and what's new at Outdoor-Fit!

Correctional Fitness Equipment

Studies have proven that providing exercise opportunities to inmates will lead to a less aggressive and less stressed inmate population. Many correctional facilities are looking to expand on or build out new outdoor recreation areas.

Park Exercise Equipment

Each multigym has anywhere from 2-4 users, making them perfect for small space parks and parklets in your community.

Tamperproof Fitness Equipment

Both outdoor fitness equipment and indoor equipment need to be safe. For installation of park fitness equipment, it’s critical that equipment is tamperproof to prevent vandalism, and safe for unsupervised use for people of all abilities.

Weatherproof Workout Equipment

At Outdoor-Fit, we manufacturer the world's greatest indoor/outdoor fitness equipment and multigyms for all those who want to sweat in the sun or count reps in the fresh air.

Corporate News

Keep up to date with all of Outdoor-Fit's corporate news.

Fitness Trends

From wearable technology to the latest fitness craze, at Outdoor-Fit we like to keep on top of all things fitness equipment.

Outdoor Workout Routines

Our multigyms are built rugged making them completely weatherproof and designed to be placed outdoors indefinitely.

Circuit Workouts

Our multigyms are the ultimate circuit workout machine. Each model has anywhere between 4 and 16 different exercises to choose from, all in one multigym!

Fitness and Nutrition

To maximize your performance and recovery, it's important to fuel your body with the right nutrients before a workout on one of our multigyms.

Health Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Working out is one part of being the healthiest version of you.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Our outdoor exercise equipment provides real exercise for real results.