Outdoor-Fit checked another first off our list. We spent a few days in The City of Brotherly Love, and when we weren’t exploring the city, we learned how optimized city parks help create thriving communities and the role outdoor fitness equipment has.

Greater & Greener, presented by City Parks Alliance, is a conference and expo held every two years. It brings together hundreds of folks from North America to discuss how urban parks can be designed, developed, programmed, funded, and sustained to overcome the hurdles facing cities and their people in these current times. The folks we connected with held various roles associated with urban parks, including; Park & Recreation Directors, City Planners, Directors of DEI at Aquariums, Parks Conservancy Directors, Program Coordinators, Landscape Architects, and many more.

Outdoor-Fit was an exhibitor on the expo floor, and we showcased our APOLLO Multigym so that people could try it, touch it, and see with their own eyes the quality of our equipment. We had many conversations with folks who were seeing our equipment first time, and therefore we learned a lot from their comments and feedback. Here are a few things that we heard from our week at Greater & Greener:

outdoor-fit booth setup
tamperproof fitness equipment

“I love that it’s tamper-proof.”

We typically hear this from our correctional customers; however, the people at Greater & Greener applauded the APOLLO’s robust build quality and tamper-proof hardware. They expressed that they would be more inclined to place this type of outdoor fitness equipment in their city than equipment that was not tamper-proof.

apollo in the winter

People were very curious about how we prevent rusting.

Our most asked question was how we prevent rusting on external and internal components. We use a five-step paint process on all our steel components, which applies to the exterior facing parts and components inside the center column. The paint we use is super-durable polyester powder – the highest-grade paint that is resilient to rain, snow, humidity, and heat.

apollo in a pocket park

“This equipment is perfect for pocket parks since we are always trying to maximize square footage.”

This comment was not new to us, as pocket parks have been a key market for us for many years due to our compact footprint, multi-user, and multi-exercise design. Although, it was still exciting to hear the value our equipment will add to city parks across North America.

apollo in the city

Outdoor fitness equipment will make our city more accessible.

Outdoor fitness equipment that offers legitimate fitness benefits and results while also being durable, robust, and low maintenance, will help make effective physical activity more accessible and affordable to people and families who work or live near the area. A key area of Greater & Greener was learning how to make urban cities more accessible for all, and folks who stopped by our booth viewed our equipment as a tool to achieve this goal.