July is NRPAs Parks and Rec Month – a time to join together to recognize all the work that professionals in the parks and rec field do to develop bright, powerful, and resilient communities by curating public and accessible spaces. We recognize the role parks play in creating richer and healthier lives for our team at Outdoor-Fit, and a few of us share what the parks in our respective communities mean to us.

Toronto. ON

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"For the large metropolitan center that Toronto is, and being known as a concrete jungle, the park scene relieves some of the outdoor challenges associated with living in a big city. I love living in Toronto because I feel like there are cute dog parks, or pocket parks, everywhere I turn. The accessibility to green spaces and lakefront trails helps me feel more connected to my hometown of Halifax."

Halifax, NS

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Point Pleasant Park is my favourite park in Halifax because it is a large, forested, urban, ocean-front park with fantastic trails that go on for miles. Its proximity to the city center and the ocean make it a fun place for many different activities. Whether grabbing a coffee on a Sunday morning with my partner and going for a stroll, going for a run, or sunbathing down by the water, I can do it all at Point Pleasant Park."

Charlottetown, PEI

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

"PEI is mostly greenery consisting of farmland, golf courses, and beautiful provincial and national parks. But the parks in PEI's largest city, Charlottetown, shouldn't be overlooked! They are small but nestled into the sight lines of old historical buildings, making them the perfect spot to enjoy an ice cream while touring around the historic downtown district."

We are all directly impacted by the work these folks do, as outdoor fitness equipment would not have a home if it weren't for them! Thanks to everyone in this industry responsible for creating some of our employees' favourite community gathering places and for giving communities across the USA and Canada the chance to use free outdoor fitness equipment."