Physical activity is important for inmates in various correctional settings. Jail Administrators and front line correctional officers at federal, state and county facilities understand the importance of having fitness resources available to their inmates.

Recreation increases institutional safety, allowing inmates to release negative or pent-up feelings of anger and aggression. Correctional amenities like a fitness yard are key. They allow inmates to express themselves physically, emotionally, and verbally instead of taking those feelings out on the staff or other inmates. Giving inmates access to fitness equipment on a regular basis improves their mental health and minimizes aggression contributing to safer environments for the other prisoners and your officers. 

As the industry leader in correctional fitness equipment, we have sold our equipment to over 450 correctional facilities throughout the USA and Canada. We know that fitness equipment restrictions differ depending on the security level, and we have used this knowledge to design equipment suitable for every correctional setting. 

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Bureau of Prisons Facilities (BOP)

Many BOP facilities have banned strength training equipment and only allow cardio equipment in their facilities. The “No Frills Prison Act” was a bill introduced by Congressman Dick Zimmer in 1995, banning many things, including weightlifting equipment in all federal prisons. Despite this bill never becoming a law, it has been selectively adopted by certain Federal prisons.  

Our product recommendation: The EVEREST Cardio Climber 

The EVEREST Cardio Climber has become the BOP’s primary fitness option because of its tamperproof and weatherproof design. It doesn’t build upper body strength but provides inmates with a real cardiovascular workout. Cardiovascular fitness has also been proven to help inmates manage stress thus creating a safer environment for front line officers and other inmates.

State/Provincial and County Prisons 

Our ideal product recommendation: The APOLLO Multigym and the EVEREST Cardio Climber

The APOLLO and the EVEREST provide the perfect combination of full body strength and cardio exercise. Being our most feature packed product, the APOLLO can accommodate 5 simultaneous users. The APOLLO is proven in the most demanding environments, and like all our units, every station is fastened together with tamperproof stainless steel carriage bolts with the locking nuts on the inside of the padlocked center column, eliminating the worry about removable parts that could cause harm. The EVEREST mimics climbing a set of stairs in a continuous motion and allows the user to choose their own step height based on their individual fitness level. The resistance and workout intensity are determined by the user’s cadence and stroke range.

If you have budget restrictions, then we recommend: The TITAN Multigym and The VERSA Hi-Lo Pulley System.

We designed the TITAN and the VULCAN specifically for corrections. With not a single moving part, and rugged, tamperproof bodyweight stations, they are both great options for all correctional environments. The only difference is the number of stations, with the TITAN having four stations and the VULCAN having two.
Individual correctional facilities have different needs depending on their populations, demographics, and restrictions. Therefore, there is not one piece of correctional fitness equipment built for all facility types. We are industry veterans and understand what you need for your correctional population. That’s why we’ve designed products made with both the high-security and low-security inmate in mind.  

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