Correctional fitness equipment that is compact and space-efficient is an asset for facilities because it provides recreation options to facilities with tight budgets and space restrictions. It also gives opportunities to the facilities that could never justify cluttering small program rooms or outdoor yards with equipment that only offers a few exercises to one or two inmates at once. Consider multi-user equipment that will keep your inmates safe while maximizing your indoor or outdoor space.  

Maximize the exercise value per square foot by choosing correctional fitness equipment that offers various exercise options to multiple inmates at once in an area as small as 100 square feet. This metric is a valuable comparison tool when examining numerous types of correctional fitness equipment. To easily compare, determine the cost per square foot and the exercise value per square foot of each manufacturer's equipment. The lower your ratios, the more value you will receive from the equipment.

helios in a correctional facility
titan in a correctional facility

Equipment with stations that can be used for more than one exercise is an efficient way for administrations to be strategic with their spending. Adding and enhancing inmate recreation and programs accounts for only a small percentage of projects and improvements that a facility is responsible for in a fiscal year. Therefore, multi-purpose equipment is a strategic way that administrators can show their Warden, or Central Office, that they are mindful of the facility's bottom line.

Administrations should also recognize that the amount of space a piece of equipment requires, the more expensive it will be to install it. All fitness equipment and furniture in a correctional environment are anchored to concrete. So if you have a lot of equipment that takes up a lot of space, you are adding to labor costs, maintenance costs, and potential costs to install more concrete.

To summarize, compact correctional fitness equipment can help your facility get the most bang for its buck. Examining the equipment's footprint is also a tangible way to make an "apples to apples" comparison between different equipment brands. With extensive experience in this industry and working with hundreds and hundreds of facilities at the Federal, State, and County levels, we believe that the most important quality of correctional fitness equipment is to be 100% tamperproof. However, a close second is the size of its footprint and maximizing the exercise value per square foot.  

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