When it comes to correctional fitness, no one has more experience than Outdoor-Fit. We have supplied our tamperproof correctional fitness equipment to hundreds of correctional facilities across North America. Our equipment provides correctional facilities with exercise systems they can install with confidence, knowing it will provide recreation options to inmates and keep the frontline and inmates safe at the same time.

The Outdoor-Fit Advantage:

tamperproof outdoor fitness equipment

100% Tamperproof

We design and build all our equipment specifically for corrections. We know that safety is top priority for correctional facilities and the last thing jail administrators want to do is introduce a potential weapon into the facility. All our equipment is completely tamperproof, using only round head stainless steel carriage bolts, with nuts inaccessible on the inside of padlocked access columns. Nothing can be removed from the equipment to be used as a weapon.

built to last exercise equipment

Built to Last

We have been providing fitness equipment to the corrections industry for 15+ years. Our equipment is built extremely robust and can handle the daily use and abuse seen in a correctional facility. Many of our correctional installations see 12+ hours of daily use on our equipment with minimal maintenance required.

weatherproof fitness equipment


Correctional facilities are limited with the space they have available. Bringing inmate recreation outdoors means you can maximize the available space inside the facility. All of our equipment is designed to handle any weather mother nature can throw at it. We have units installed in northern coastal climates like Alaska, to harsh desert locations in Arizona and Nevada and every climate in between.


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Make the Right Choice

When looking for fitness or recreation options there are many factors you will need to consider. Most importantly, pick equipment that has been designed for a correctional environment. When planning a recreation project you may have objections or roadblocks to overcome. We have put our years of experience into the below guide to provide solutions to the most common objections for correctional fitness equipment.

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