For many of us, we have a disciplined exercise routine when we’re at home, and when we’re on vacation, that 6:00 AM boot camp, or spin class, is the last thing we are thinking about. However, finding different ways to exercise during vacation has many physical and emotional benefits.

It is a great way to see a new destination from a different perspective, explore a nearby town or beach, and move your body in new ways. Here are 3 suggestions on how to work fitness into your vacation:

golf icon

Going golfing? Try walking the first nine holes and only grabbing the cart for the back nine.

Bicycle icon

Instead of a bus tour to explore the city, find a bike or walking tour instead.

swimming pool icon

The resort pool offers a refreshing way to get a full-body burn by swimming laps, treading water or running in spot.

Working out on vacation shouldn’t feel like a burden or that it’s taking away from the other things you want to see and do. Therefore, try incorporating it into the activities you were already planning on doing and make sure it feels right for you!

Here are a few ways that some of the Outdoor-Fit staff like to incorporate activity into their summer vacations!


Logistics Coordinator, Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems

There is no better time of year to get outside and stay active than in the summer! The summer months provide many opportunities for me to incorporate fitness into my vacation. I can say my number one hobby takes place in the spring/summer and that’s golf. To ensure I am maintaining my cardiovascular health I enjoy walking on the golf course as much as possible. Some other summer activities I enjoy are bike rides and walks with my wife on the many trails and beaches in Nova Scotia. Living on the East Coast (of Canada) is optimal for water sports as well, like surfing, wakeboarding and swimming, which I also enjoy doing on my time off.


President, Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems

I typically spend most of my vacation time at our cottage and unlike at home, I don’t have access to the creature comforts of commercial fitness equipment like an elliptical machine, treadmill, or a weight rack. Even though I golf a lot while on vacation and I walk the course most times it’s not the same intensity of exercise that I’m used to at home. Therefore, I take my PowerBlock dumbbells, exercise mat, foam roller and stability ball to the cottage and combine these fitness tools with the occasional run in order to stay in shape. I’m thankful for my exercise addiction!