Many people looking to buy or rent in a condo building have a rooftop terrace and a nice indoor gym high on their must-have amenity list due to the many lifestyle benefits they provide. However, more and more people also want an outdoor exercise zone. So, developers, builders, and real estate companies - differentiate your building from the others on the block and incorporate a rooftop outdoor gym into your building's design.

Interest in rooftop terrace outdoor gyms have gained traction throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Many indoor condo gyms were either closed or had limitations that made it challenging to accommodate an entire building of fitness enthusiasts. Having an additional gym outdoors provides more exercise options to more people, and there are many people who feel safer exercising in an outdoor environment with more air circulation.

Designing a rooftop terrace outdoor gym requires different planning than an indoor gym or even a ground-level outdoor gym. Here are five pointers that will make your rooftop gym a hit with current residents and entice more people to choose your building over others in the future.

man after workout

Real exercise value

Perhaps the most essential factor in the equipment you place on your rooftop outdoor gym is that it provides the same exercise value residents would get if they were using the gym just a few steps away inside. Without providing real exercise value, the chances that the rooftop gym goes unused and becomes a waste of valuable outdoor space increases significantly. You want this outdoor gym to complement your indoor gym and mimic the exercises and results users can receive.
Additionally, in a condo/apartment building, there will be people of various athletic abilities. Have equipment that will challenge the advanced users and assist the beginner users in their fitness journey. 

helios in a park

Space efficiency

Rooftop terraces serve as a communal space where people can participate in different activities depending on their interests. Residents want to see these spaces as multi-purpose. Therefore a rooftop gym cannot be the only amenity offered. By choosing multi-user outdoor fitness equipment with a compact footprint, you maximize the fitness offerings while still being able to have outdoor kitchens, pools, and lounge areas. 

apollo in a snowy winter park

Wind load

The outdoor fitness equipment's wind load is an important design element. Be sure to understand how the equipment will be anchored to the terrace, the anchors' strengths, and if it complies with the building and municipal standards. 

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Low maintenance

Check with the equipment's manufacturer before purchasing to understand the equipment's build quality, durability, and the required maintenance. Outdoor fitness equipment that requires little to no maintenance will keep the building's maintenance expenses low and reduce the time it is out of order. Check that the equipment is built with heavy-duty steel and painted with super durable polyester paint to prevent rusting and fading and increase the equipment's longevity. 

outdoor fit's custom placards on the apollo


Many high- and mid-rise new construction buildings in urban city centers take on a unique aesthetic and color scheme to create an individualized look compared to their neighbors. Equipment that can be painted in the colors of your choice will help the equipment blend in with its environment. It's also a bonus when the outdoor fitness equipment can include a logo, and the instructional placards match these changes.

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