Bigger is not always better.

The amount of space required for your outdoor gym is one of your project's most important design elements. The equipment cost is only a tiny portion of overall project costs, and sometimes, it is not even the largest cost you will incur. Remember that a bigger installation does not necessarily mean you will provide more exercise value and features to the end-user.

Looking for outdoor fitness equipment options that require a smaller amount of space than alternative options is an effective way to show your boss that you are considering the project's overall costs and your department's financial health. Not all outdoor fitness equipment requires thousands of square feet to provide dozens of exercise options and a total body workout. Look for space-efficient equipment. This can be in the form of multigyms or single station units that don't require a large operational space. However, if you have a space limitation, a multigym is your best chance to optimize your space.

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Outdoor exercise equipment that is compact and space-efficient is a smart choice for your project, even if space is not a constraint. Many elements impact an outdoor gym, such as the site preparation, concrete, surfacing, shade structures (if necessary), installation time, and the equipment's lifetime maintenance costs. Many of these elements are tied to the price per square foot, and your entire project costs will increase as the space gets bigger. So always look to see if there is an alternative solution that reaches your project goals while reducing the amount of space you initially thought you would need to use.

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The equipment's lifetime maintenance costs are a unique characteristic to consider because it is a cost that you may not envision incurring for many years. However, maintenance costs can quickly become a headache and one of the most costly aspects of a project if the manufacturer does not have a warranty that protects the equipment on your behalf. A warranty policy that excludes coastal installations shows that the manufacturer is not confident their equipment can withstand a high UV index, salt air, and salt water. Look for warranties that protect against these conditions and offer a minimum of a 15-year warranty.  

An Outdoor-Fit outdoor gym may be small, but it is mighty. Packed with features and exercise value, our compact equipment design keeps your project costs low while delivering the complete outdoor gym. Two pieces of Outdoor-Fit equipment can achieve all of the exercise options and benefits you would receive if you were to use an indoor gym. Combining our APOLLO Multigym and two EVEREST Cardio Climbers is an excellent way for seven people to get a total body resistance and cardiovascular workout simultaneously in less than 200 square feet.