We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times. As the COVID-19 situation is always evolving, no one knows for sure when things will be back to “normal”. When we get to the other side of this, we may have a new “normal”. Almost every area around the world is under some sort of lock down. Businesses have been forced to close, people have been ordered to stay home, and parks and outdoor areas have been closed. All of this is being done to slow down the spread of the virus and to “flatten the curve”. While these restrictions are necessary right now, they will not be necessary forever. 

As we all know exercise is a great stress reliever and provides positive results for both physical and mental health. As we are living in very stressful times exercise is more important than ever. With many restrictions in place, it can be difficult to exercise, especially if you do not have space in your home. 

As we fight this virus together, we will gradually see rollbacks of the restrictions in place over the coming months. One restriction that will likely take a while to “rollback” is the use of indoor gym facilities. Even if gyms are “allowed” to be open, the public may be hesitant to start going back. As gym facilities are typically very busy spaces, with easy transfer of germs, and many “touch-points”, indoor gym facilities may see a slow rebound post-COVID-19. 

Once restrictions are lifted on outdoor recreation areas and parks, exercising outdoors may become the new “normal”. On top of the known benefits of exercising outdoors, outdoor areas also have several benefits of limiting the spread of virus’ when compared to indoor areas, such as:

●    Outdoor exercise areas with great airflow give the airborne virus particles a quicker way to disperse when compared to the enclosed indoor environments with poor airflow.
●    Outdoor exercise areas typically allow for “social distancing” when compared to cramped indoor exercise environments.
●    Outdoor exercise areas deliver important UV light that’s been shown to reduce and kill virus levels.

Current park infrastructure provides many outdoor exercise opportunities, such as trails for running, biking or walking. The addition of outdoor fitness equipment can turn any park into an outdoor fitness center. 

Outdoor-Fit’s line of unique, vandal-proof, outdoor fitness equipment is the most feature-packed outdoor fitness equipment on the market. All of our equipment is modeled after commercial-grade indoor fitness equipment to provide real exercise value and real results. Our equipment is also designed with correct exercise biomechanics to provide a safe workout for users of all fitness levels. Our equipment also includes features from indoor commercial equipment that is not seen from any other brand of outdoor fitness equipment, such as:

●    A 100lb, Fully Adjustable, High/Low Pulley System
●    Adjustable Chin/Dip Assist mechanism
●    Adjustable 45 Degree Back Extension Bench

On top of our great design and features, our units also include full-color instructional placards for each exercise station. These placards include a QR code that can be scanned to bring users to more detailed instructions and a video “how-to” for the exercise. This takes the “guesswork” out of how to use the equipment and allows the equipment itself to be a “virtual personal trainer”.

First and foremost, we hope you and your families are staying safe during these trying times. Learn more about our multigyms. If you would like to learn more about how our equipment could benefit your park or outdoor recreation space, complete the form to the right.