In the spirit of valentine's day and spending quality time with your partner, we propose kicking your dinner and movie plans to the curb and lacing up your sneakers for a partner outdoor workout in the fresh air. Depending on your interests, here are a few options that you can try whether you do or you don't have access to outdoor fitness equipment.

partner circuit workout

A circuit workout on the community outdoor fitness equipment

Using the outdoor fitness equipment in your community park is a fun way to challenge your partner and spice things up with a little friendly competition. Challenge one another to do the most straight leg knee raises or biceps curls on the HI-LO pulley system. If competition isn't your thing, have each person pick their five favorite exercises and use the outdoor fitness equipment to complete a circuit workout.

waterfront run

A waterfront run

Nothing is more romantic than a run with a view. A run on the boardwalk exposes you to new sights that will make you want to stop to take it in. Make your destination that new coffee shop you've wanted to try, and you've got yourself the perfect date.

hike in forest

A hike in the forest

Pack a few snacks, get out of the city, and drive to your favorite hiking spot. With no distractions or noise, you're in for some serious quality time and outdoor exercise in the fresh air. A hike is also great if you're looking for variation from your daily routine of a run or an outdoor gym workout.

tandem bike

Rent tandem bikes from your local bike shop

Nothing will bring you and your partner together like navigating a tandem bike! It will challenge your communication and patience with one another, and once you get rolling, it should be more fun than exercise.

pickle ball

A friendly pickleball match

Pickleball is an outdoor workout that is a good time no matter your athletic ability. A sport between tennis and ping-pong, pickleball can be as competitive or as relaxed as you want, and no matter which level you choose, it's guaranteed to be fun.