When planning your next park project, or working on your parks master plan, adding or replacing outdoor fitness equipment should be a top priority.

We all know that exercise does only good for the mind and the body. By bringing exercise options outdoors users can take advantage of additional benefits to add value to their workout routine. Providing outdoor exercise options can improve mood and overall health to the residents in your community and is a less expensive option when compared to building a traditional indoor gym or rec center.

Here are just some of the benefits of bringing your workout outdoors:

  • Improved mood and reduced depression
  • Enhanced self esteem
  • Low Cost
  • Ease of Access
  • Connecting with Mother Nature


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Outdoor Fitness Equipment is also top of mind for many Parks Directors, Campus Recreation Directors, HOA’s and more across North America.

Recreation Management Magazine surveyed over 1000 personnel from parks & recreation departments, colleges & universities, schools & school districts, health clubs, YMCA’s, & HOA’s. This survey found that outdoor fitness equipment and fitness trails are among the most commonly planned additions for future projects.

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“Looking forward, walking and hiking trails, fitness trails and outdoor fitness equipment are among the most commonly planned additions. Some 20% of park respondents (and 14.8% of all respondents) said they would be adding walking and hiking trails in the next several years. And 18.5% of park respondents (14.7% of all respondents) will be adding fitness trails and outdoor fitness equipment.”


Recreation Management State of Industry Report 2020

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