When life gets busy, exercise is one of the first things to be put on the back burner. 

So, when time is limited, and motivation is lacking, people need to have options readily available that makes exercise easy. There has never been a better time to focus on providing communities with healthy solutions where adults and teenagers can be active and spend quality time together. In 2017, the obesity rate in America was 42.4% of the population (CDC, 2020), an increase from the national obesity rate in 1999. If you need a better reason to outfit your local park with outdoor fitness equipment, then here are five more reasons why you should consider it.


Cost barrier

In 2021, the average yearly gym membership cost between $600 - $700*. With approximately 38% of families (of four) earning below $50,000 a year in the USA, it is a reasonable assumption that many people cannot afford a gym membership.  Outdoor gyms are a great way to bring free and accessible fitness into communities.

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When an outdoor gym is installed within a playground's sightlines, it brings parents who have similar aged children and similar priorities together. A properly placed outdoor fitness gym can open doors for strengthening and building relationships in the community.



People who are new to working out often feel intimidated or nervous when attending an indoor gym. An outdoor gym removes the status and comparisons people have when using an indoor gym. This welcoming atmosphere will encourage people of all fitness abilities and fitness levels to use it. 

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Walking distance for suburban families

Many suburban and rural communities don't have an indoor commercial fitness centre within a 5–10-minute drive of their residence. This geographical barrier can be demotivating for people who want to start a fitness routine but don't have access to transportation or the time available to spend commuting there.  


Staying motivated

It is easier to stick with an outdoor exercise routine as the fresh air and natural surroundings help take your mind off the workout. Additionally, the benefit of getting fresh air increases your happiness and your energy, making people inclined to choose and stick with outdoor exercise over indoor exercise.   
*Includes possible initiation fee

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