A pocket park, also known as a mini-park or vest-pocket park, is a compact outdoor area accessible to the public and serves the surrounding community. A pocket park includes similar features as a larger city or regional park, just on a smaller scale as pocket parks utilize less than an acre of land.

The purpose of pocket parks is to provide urban communities that have limited access to land a communal green space within a short walk of their home. Pocket parks address the financial and time barriers that families face when travelling far to find a park. In a study conducted by the Trust for Public Land in 2019, they reported that 100 million Americans (over 30% of the population) do not live within a 10-minute walk to a public park. As obesity rates have risen by 23% in adults and children over the last 20 years, pocket parks provide a solution to combat various health issues and increase a family's overall physical activity levels.

people working out on the apollo multigym

Outdoor-Fit manufactures products that are the number one choice for pocket parks because of their small footprint, real fitness benefits, and durability. The multigym configuration provides various exercise solutions to several users at once. For example, the Apollo multigym offers over 20 exercises in less than 200 square feet. 

apollo in a park

In a high-use area like a pocket park, it is important for maintenance staff that the equipment can withstand many daily users, different weather conditions, and potential vandalism. Maintenance staff can depend on our equipment to meet those needs. Our products are made with heavy-duty steel and painted with the same paint used on playground equipment - robust materials making our equipment perfect for sea-side and four-season areas.

Equipment that both fitness experts and fitness beginners will want to use needs to offer real fitness benefits. Fitness experts like to use outdoor fitness equipment that mimics the exercises found in commercial fitness centres. Additionally, fitness beginners want to see results as well. It is much harder for fitness beginners to stay motivated if they don't see improvements. Providing communities with outdoor exercise equipment that meets a wide range of needs is the most effective way to contribute to the health and wellness of an entire community.