Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems started with the idea to have an outdoor multigym adjacent to a playground structure so parents or guardians could exercise while watching over their kids.

While early sales were primarily to parks & recreation departments, the past decade or so has seen the core of our business in the correctional marketplace. The unique design of our equipment lends itself perfectly to this market, and because of this, Outdoor-Fit has become the leader in correctional fitness equipment.

With this said, our equipment is not just built for corrections. We believe that our extensive experience in corrections has allowed us to develop and refine our products to offer a perfect solution for outdoor recreation environments like parks. Our unique features, robust construction and compact designs make our equipment a great fit for your next outdoor fitness project.

Compact Fitness Equipment Design

All of our equipment is built to keep equipment and user area as compact and small as possible. This is critical in a correctional environment as correctional facilities have a limited amount of space available to them. A compact design is also a benefit for parks & recreation departments.

While there are plenty of large, open space parks, land is becoming increasingly expensive to develop. In urban areas, many communities are under stress to work with a limited land footprint, and the cost of land in many areas means that large park installations can become unattainable. For this reason, pocket parks are becoming more of the norm. With our equipment being so compact, you can turn even the smallest parcel of land into an outdoor fitness center.


apollo in the park

Cost Effective Fitness Equipment

Our compact design also lends itself to being a more cost effective option. With any outdoor fitness installation, the equipment itself is only one line item that needs to be budgeted. On top of the equipment cost, you will need to factor in: concrete, installation, landscaping, surfacing, shade structures, and more. A lot of these additional costs are a price per square/ft. The bigger you make the installation, the bigger these “other costs” will get.

With Outdoor-Fit’s equipment we pack a ton of exercise value into a small package. Our Apollo multigym features over 19 different exercises and takes up less than 250 sq/ft. You  could add in a couple Everest Cardio Climbers to add cardio options and still keep the overall area needed to less than 400 sq/ft. No other manufacturer on the market can provide as much exercise value per sq/ft than Outdoor-Fit. 

apollo in park


A key consideration when putting any type of equipment in a park is: how will the equipment hold up over time?

The correctional installations we have across North America have proven to be great testing grounds for our equipment. Many of our installations see our equipment being used for 12+ hours per day, every day. These are extremely high use conditions, even when compared to an indoor commercial fitness center.

Even in these extremely high use settings, our equipment requires minimal maintenance. With an outdoor fitness installation in a park or other recreational setting, the use per day would be a fraction of what is seen in correctional facilities. You can be confident that our equipment will be able to withstand and use and abuse seen in a park setting.

Tamperproof Fitness Equipment

This ties into the durability of our equipment as well. All of our equipment is built to be completely tamperproof. When equipment is installed, nothing can be removed from the equipment for malicious reasons.

We only use rounded head, stainless steel carriage bolts to affix our bolt on components to the center column. All nuts and internal components are housed inside of the center column that is locked down with a padlock.

On top of using only rounded head hardware, we also design and build our equipment to be as robust and strong as possible. We use heavy duty steel plate and thick walled tubing for all our core structural and bolt-on components to ensure our equipment can stand the test of time. Our heavy duty construction also means there are no “perceived” weaknesses in the system, which means vandals are less likely to try and tamper with or attempt to damage the equipment.

To learn more about our unique outdoor fitness equipment offerings follow the link below or give us a call at 1-877-760-6337.