Our Story 

John Lewis started his career in the fitness industry in 1993. As a dealer for all of the big indoor commercial fitness brands like Precor, Hoist, Life Fitness, and Matrix, and a fitness enthusiast himself, he had the idea to develop an outdoor multigym as a result of taking his kids to the playground and wanting to get a workout in while he kept an eye on them. 

In 2003 John founded Outdoor-Fit. After numerous prototypes, the first Helios Multigym was developed and launched in the United States. The path to market was not easy because designing outdoor exercise equipment presents unique design challenges not found when creating indoor fitness equipment. Not only does outdoor fitness equipment need to deliver biomechanically correct exercise with durable construction like indoor fitness equipment, but it also must be tamperproof, weatherproof, and safe to use in unsupervised environments.


Our World

What Our World means to us are the non-negotiable design, manufacturing, and testing obligations that we commit to instilling in every product we make available to our customers. Since our inception in 2003, these product qualities have remained and will continue to be our world with every product.

A Small Footprint with a Big Impact
Commitment to the Highest Build Quality
Vanguard of Real Exercise