Commitment to the Highest Build Quality

Our commitment to building high-performance outdoor exercise equipment begins with a focused design plan but is complete using the highest quality and toughest materials. From the steel to the hardware, the paint, and finally, soft building every product before it’s shipped, our meticulous process ensures our customers get top-quality outdoor exercise equipment every time.

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Built tough and built to last. 

All our equipment starts as raw steel plate or piping. Our fabrication team takes these raw materials and cuts, bends, welds and grinds into solid steel components. The majority of our equipment uses 3/16” thick steel plate.

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Where the magic happens. 

Inside the paint shop is where the raw steel becomes a work of art. We utilize a five-step paint process to ensure our outdoor exercise equipment can withstand any climate and environment. Our paint process protects against rusting and fading and is resistant to snow, salt spray, high UV rays, and rain.

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The cherry on top. 

All products manufactured by Outdoor-Fit have a 15-year warranty and include every climate with no exceptions.