Outdoor exercise equipment

Are you tired of outdoor exercise equipment that feels like it was thrown together by people with no real fitness experience? You are in the right place! Outdoor-Fit makes outdoor exercise equipment that provides Real Exercise for Real Results.

Every single piece of equipment designed, manufactured and supported by Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems is based on solid biomechanics and brings the quality of indoor commercial exercise equipment to the great outdoors. We have the industry experience and the proven history of performance in the world's toughest environments like correctional facilities and outdoor parks.


For Parks and Fitness Trails

Durable and weatherproof.

All our outdoor exercise equipment is built weatherproof and safe for users.
Bringing the high quality of indoor gym equipment to parks, pocket parks, trails, and recreation areas, indoors and outdoors.

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outdoor fitness equipment in parks
outdoor fitness equipment for correctional facilities

Tamperproof for Corrections

Built Tough.

All our exercise equipment is built tough for correctional facilities.
Designed to solve the challenges Jail Administrators face in delivering fitness options to the inmate population and frontline correctional staff.

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Download our brochure to learn more about Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems, and the products we’ve built. Each of our products has been tested in the harshest environments by people like the US military in overseas deployments, or correctional facilities across North America.

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