Outdoor Exercise Equipment for Home Owners Associations

Why Should HOA Boards/HOA Management Companies Install Outdoor Exercise Equipment?

Create a Social Hub

By adding outdoor exercise equipment, you can create a social hub for your HOA. Creating a social gathering spot will build stronger relationships and a stronger sense of community. You also will be promoting health and wellness to your members which will only bring positive impacts to your association.

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Budgets and Spending

Most HOA’s do not have “unlimited” budgets, especially when it comes to capital cost improvements. Most HOA fees cover things like maintenance, insurance, management fees, reserves funds and more. With that said, many HOA’s do allot a portion of fees to a capital cost improvement fund. If you have decided to spend some of your capital improvement fund on outdoor fitness equipment you have several costs to consider. You have the cost of the equipment itself, but there are also landscaping costs, concrete, and installation costs.

helios outdoor fitness equipment in park
Everest Cardio Climber outdoor fitness equipment in park

Outdoor-Fit’s line of outdoor fitness equipment has been designed to keep your overall spend as low as possible. Our multigym design means you need less concrete and less landscaping to install a unit. Our equipment is also designed with installation in mind. With concrete in place, our equipment can be installed by two people in under four hours.

Another key concern will be the lifetime cost of the equipment you purchase. Ongoing maintenance and repairs can be costly, and if not budgeted, can force HOA’s to use other funds, or avoid repairing the equipment. All Outdoor-Fit’s equipment has been designed to be as durable and rugged as possible. A key design criteria for us is low maintenance, which keeps lifetime costs down. Our equipment is built to last and has been tested in some of the harshest environments.

Space Availability

While some HOA’s may include vast outdoor space, many are limited to the space that is available to them. Some HOA’s can consist of just a couple streets. In these cases, adding amenities and capital improvements can be tricky. Outdoor-Fit has designed all its equipment to be as space efficient as possible.

Our multigyms offer up to 5 simultaneous users, and up to 19+ exercises on one unit. Our Everest Cardio Climber takes up less than 12 square feet. Whether you have acres of space or a small common area, our equipment is the perfect fit for your HOA!

helios outdoor fitness equipment in park

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