Outdoor Exercise Equipment for Campgrounds & RV Parks

Why Should Campground Owners Install Outdoor Exercise Equipment?

Make the most of outdoor space

Typically, campers are looking to maximize the time they’re spending outdoors. Campers and RV owners are still looking to get in exercise throughout their day, even on vacation. Providing an outdoor fitness option for your guests gives them the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while getting in their necessary physical activity. Outdoor fitness equipment can be a great alternative to an indoor fitness center at a fraction of the cost!

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Why Choose Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems?

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Make the most of your campground by creating a social hub for campers to enjoy a circuit style workout. This is a great way to bring the campground community closer together and to keep your regulars coming back each year. With up to 5 simultaneous users on our Apollo Multigym, working out with a partner or group has never been so easy!


With units in the field for over 15 years, our equipment has proved that no weather can slow them down. All our equipment is sandblasted, zinc primed to prevent rust, then hit with a super durable UV stabilized polyester powder coat which is baked on. This is the same treatment that is used on navigational buoys in the Atlantic Ocean.

With durability and safety being top priority, campground management can confidently leave equipment unsupervised without worries of injury or destruction. Our tamperproof equipment makes for low maintenance and worry-free exercise!

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Give campers the opportunity to work out on vacation! Make exercise easy and provide community-wide outdoor fitness equipment access to promote active living. Our interactive QR codes make workouts easy with instructional videos on how to properly do each exercise and provide workouts ranging from beginner to advanced.

Our outdoor exercise equipment can add a new range of exercise benefits to a campground or RV park. With proven safety and durability, Outdoor-Fit exercise equipment provides the same high quality as an indoor gym with the benefits of exercising in the great outdoors!

Our Campground & RV Park Showcases

We’re excited to be installing our outdoor fitness products in correctional facilities, schools, parks & trails, Home Owners Associations, campgrounds, resorts, and military bases throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world! We invite you to browse through a sample of the installations we've completed over the last few years.

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