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Rugged, flexible, multi-tasking, and rapidly deployed.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Military Facilities

The HELIOS 7 station and APOLLO 12 station outdoor fitness multigyms are the ultimate strength conditioners, bringing the best of indoor bodyweight training to the outdoor world. Following the same philosophy as the modern solider: rugged, flexible, multi-tasking, and rapidly deployed.

The HELIOS and APOLLO multigyms properly strengthen all of the major muscle groups, providing a biomechanically correct full body workout. The HELIOS is able to handle 4 users simultaneously, and is built to withstand the toughest users looking for a real workout. The APOLLO extends this capability with 12 exercise stations.

Proven Performance

Provide quality exercise with proven performance at a number of military facilities.

Use Existing Infrastructure

Expand your exercise facilities quickly and easily, without the need for expensive new infrastructure.

Small Footprint

Provide a full exercise facility to deployed troops - with our multigyms' small footprint, they can be installed almost anywhere.

Custom Colours

Choose custom paint colors available to match any color scheme.

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Outdoor-Fit’s outdoor exercise equipment is in use across North America, and has even followed our troops overseas, providing a rugged workout facility in any situation.

With an incredibly small installation footprint, our multigyms are an easy addition to virtually any base, and have even been mounted shipboard!