Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Military Facilities

Why Should MWR Directors/Base Athletic Directors Install Outdoor Fitness Equipment?

Fitness is key

Outdoor fitness equipment provides military bases with the opportunity to exercise and train in real weather conditions. Military fitness is essential from the moment you become a private to the highest rank of a general. Ensuring that all military personnel have adequate access to outdoor fitness equipment can aid in the production of high quality military troops.


Why Choose Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems?

helios outdoor fitness equipment in the desert

Real Exercise

All Outdoor-Fit’s products are designed with correct exercise biomechanics to ensure military personnel can exercise safely and with proper form. Be sure to give your troops the best outdoor fitness option on the market with Outdoor-Fit’s Apollo Multigym, offering over 16 exercises with up to 5 simultaneous users.

24/7 Access

Troops will no longer have the option to skip training while the base gym is closed. All our equipment has been properly treated to stay outdoors indefinitely making workouts available any time of day or night! Simulate real world conditions with the option to exercise in all weather extremes.

two helios outdoor fitness equipment by sport field
Red Helios outdoor fitness equipment

Use Existing Infrastructure

Avoid expensive costs of new infrastructure by choosing Outdoor-Fit! Outdoor-Fit’s multigyms can quickly be installed to any existing concrete surface making it easy to expand your exercise facilities.

With our incredibly small installation footprint, our multigyms and Everest Cardio Climber make an easy addition to virtually any base.

Call today and ask about our existing military installations for people who continue to rely on our outdoor multi-station exercise equipment to expand their fitness capabilities.