Outdoor Exercise Equipment for Parks & Recreation

This isn’t playground equipment for adults. This is commercial grade indoor exercise equipment built for the great outdoors.

Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems has been a leader in biomechanically correct outdoor fitness equipment since the early 2000’s. We take a unique approach to outdoor fitness equipment. To build products that offer the same exercise results found in commercial gyms, that last for years in any outdoor environment, and that keep your footprint small to maximize space - they have to look different. With a 15 year warranty and a wide selection of multigyms and purpose-designed single exercise stations, take a look at something different - take a look at Outdoor-Fit!

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Get a Head Start on Your Park Planning

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The Park Planning Playbook

Our Park Planning Playbook includes everything anyone planning an outdoor gym needs to consider before starting. The Playbook is a resource that has been carefully curated to maximize your project's return on investment and the impact on your community.

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Outdoor-Fit designs outdoor exercise equipment to mimic the exercise equipment found in an indoor fitness center. With real biomechanics, each outdoor exercise station has an indoor equivalent that delivers real exercise value to users such as our telescopic 45 degree back extension bench which adjusts for three heights to accommodate different sizes of people. Whether you are a fitness veteran or just beginning your fitness journey, our equipment has something for every member of your community.

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Our Parks & Recreation Showcases

We’re excited to be installing our outdoor fitness products in correctional facilities, schools, parks & trails, Home Owners Associations, campgrounds, resorts, and military bases throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world! We invite you to browse through a sample of the installations we've completed over the last few years.

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