Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Pocket Parks and Parklets

Why Should Park Directors install Outdoor Exercise Equipment?

Add Value & Amenities

Pocket Parks or Parklets are becoming more and more popular in cities across North America, especially in urban centers. They are a great way to turn a small outdoor space into a gathering spot for members of your community.

Typically, pocket parks will include some green space and outdoor seating. By adding outdoor exercise equipment, you can add even more value to these small outdoor spaces all while promoting healthy lifestyles in your community.

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Why Choose Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems?

Helios outdoor fitness equipment in park
Maximize Space

Typically, outdoor exercise equipment is in the form of single station units scattered throughout a park area. This type of equipment cannot be installed or used in pocket parks as there is limited space available. Outdoor-Fit’s small physical footprint is one of the reasons our equipment is the best choice for pocket parks. With exercise stations clustered around the center column, this allows us to pack a lot of exercise value into a small package. With up to 5 simultaneous users and over 19 exercises on one unit, our equipment makes the most of your space.

Stay on Budget

Most Park Directors do not have large budgets when it comes to community development projects. It is common for park projects to be funded through grant programs or included within the city’s master plan. When considering park improvements or new projects there are several costs to consider. You have the cost of the equipment itself, landscaping costs, concrete and installation. Outdoor-Fit keeps these costs in mind by designing equipment to minimize your overall spend. Our multigym design means you need less concrete and less landscaping to install a unit. With concrete in place, our equipment can be installed by two people in under four hours.

Everest cardio climber outdoor fitness equipment in park
Low Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance and repairs can be costly. That’s why you should be conscious of any wearable items within the equipment you are purchasing. Luckily, all Outdoor-Fit’s equipment has been designed to be as durable and rugged as possible which means minimal to no maintenance required.

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