Outdoor Exercise Equipment for Resorts

Why Should Resort Owners/Managers Install Outdoor Exercise Equipment on Their Resort?

Make the most of beautiful outdoor space

Typically resort guests want to spend as much time as possible outside. Many guests still want to exercise and keep up their exercise routines when on vacation. By providing an outdoor exercise option on your property, it allows your guests to enjoy the outdoors and get a full body workout at the same time. Offering exercise fitness equipment is a great supplement to a traditional indoor fitness center.

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Why Choose Outdoor-Fit Exercise Systems?

Designed for All Weather Conditions

No matter where your resort is located, Outdoor-Fit’s equipment has been designed to handle anything mother nature can throw at it. All painted components are first sandblasted, then zinc primed, then coated with a super durable polyester power coat. This is the same paint treatment that is applied to navigational buoys deployed in the Atlantic Ocean.

If your resort is ocean front, our fitness equipment can handle salt spray all day! The powder coating, and ink used in our instructional placards is also UV stabilized so it will not fade over time. Snow, rain, salt, sleet, and sun, our outdoor fitness equipment can handle it all!

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Safe for All Users

As a resort owner or manager, the last thing you want to happen on your property is for a guest to be injured. As outdoor fitness equipment is typically unsupervised we have made sure to eliminate all pinch points or entrapment areas. We have also designed our equipment with correct exercise biomechanics. Proper biomechanics ensures the human body is moving in ways it was designed to move, which reduces the risk of user injury. On top of this, our rugged, tamperproof design means nothing can be removed or damaged on the equipment, meaning it works like it should, every time.


At Outdoor-Fit, we understand that resort branding and messaging is very important to you. We can paint our units almost any color to match the aesthetic of your resort. We can also customize our instructional placards to include resort logos, special messaging, or custom QR codes for resort links or offers.

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Call today to find out how our outdoor fitness multigyms can provide your community with access to fun, safe, and all-weather outdoor fitness equipment at a fraction of the cost of competitive products.