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Prison Bodyweight Workout

Body weight training is exactly what it sounds like; exercise using your body weight. It is the oldest form of exercise and arguably one of the most effective. Basic body weight training exercises are easy to learn and can become more difficult as your fitness level improves. Body weight training continues to be beneficial for inmates as it is both a strength workout and cardio session combined into one. Five of the most basic body weight exercises include; push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats and calf raises. While many of these can be completed without exercise equipment, Outdoor-Fit’s rugged tamperproof fitness equipment provides biomechanically correct exercise stations to ensure that prisoners can perform a complete body weight workout in a safe manner. In the correctional setting, fitness equipment must ensure inmate and staff safety. Ideally, you want to source equipment that is tamperproof, durable and free of pinch points or entrapment areas. “Tamper resistant” equipment can prove to be dangerous as hardware is exposed and can eventually be removed and used as a weapon.

While exercise machines and weight training can target each muscle group, most of these exercises force the body to move weight on a stable, single plane. These movements can often feel unnatural and stressful on joints. Body weight exercise requires both balance and stability which allows a natural movement compared to machines that have a limited range of motion. Body weight training in correctional settings can benefit both inmates and staff. With natural body weight training and biomechanically correct exercise stations, this will aid in preventing injuries to inmates. Body weight training also allows inmates to build muscle in a safe way but will prevent them from “bulking up” as you can with weight training. The biggest benefit for both inmates and staff is exercise in general burns of stresses associated with incarceration meaning inmates will be less aggressive. A calmer inmate is an easier inmate to manage.

Prisoners can benefit from body weight exercise in several different ways. For starters, no matter what fitness level you’re at, body weight training will provide you a challenging workout. With natural movement exercises, this will increase flexibility and prevent potential injury that can happen with weight training. As body weight exercise allows for both cardio and strength conditioning, this will help to burn more fat. Research shows that body weight workouts improve strength, endurance and power while burning major calories.

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